Data driven from the ground up. ❧

As businesses accrue technical debt with aging web and cloud architectures, data has evolved and scaled over a 10-100X. The complexity of cloud computing, data management, and monitoring is ever increasing. What's more, people expect intuitive user interfaces that work fast, and on any mobile device.

Data is everywhere, and businesses need to visualize data.

In order to simplify this problem, a new model of thinking is necessary, one that takes a unifying approach to both design and data on modern browsers and the serverless cloud.

Our solution starts at the heart of data: distrubuted and highly available datastores, a serverless service model that autoscales, and a UI purpose built to react to the data shape and patterns of users. We do all of this in a single, unified programming model using advanced languages like Clojure, Clojurescript that runs on browsers and auto-scalable AWS services.

Services offered ❧

Data-driven Platforms & Serverless Architectures

Simplify complex enterprise data integration problems and build a data access platform on AWS, with Streaming and Serverless technologies to enable automation across your data center, without touching your existing services.

Migrating from an old SQL database? Need to normalize data across hundreds of services? Build a data pipeline for your ML team? Build an auto-scalable, serverless platform? Design and deploy a streaming platform to connect your legacy data?

We've built them all.

Data-driven User Interface Design & Development

We go beyond React and GraphQL and build UIs from your problem domain, as data. Once the UI is built from data schemas, capturing user behavior is simple. From our experience, a well crafted data-driven UI reduces boilerplate in most fullstack development projects, and moves our focus to finer design problems like graphic design, typography, content strategy, and persona development.

Data-driven Content, with Deep learning models

We not only build a headless cms, but also models that run on your content with the industry's best deep learning NLP models, to evolve your content from a static CMS to deriving behavior from its users.

Technologies ❧